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An active Naruto shipper. Major OTP's include SasuSaku and NaruHina. Blog does contain spoilers. 70% Naruto and OTP's, 20% other anime, 10% random. I do have the mouth of a sailor so if that is not your cup of tea, please do not proceed any further. Thank yooou
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flikthebluelightning said:

Last chapter Naruto said that the best way to deal with Kaguya are diversions and Taijutsu. Guess who has the strongest Taijutsu among the people fighting...

YES YES! I almost forgot about that!

Headcanon/prediction: The kages arrive & stall kaguya with naruto giving SS and obito some time.


Refer to these links 




Now that the spoiler about Naruto and sasuke sealing kaguya this chapter is confirmed as false, it is obvious that kaguya is not getting sealed soon. It made no sense anyway so i am glad that it isn’t true. 

Basically i think there is a high chance that the hokages would intervene in the Naruto vs Kaguya fight which would stall kaguya and allow for SS and Obito to talk, interact and maybe explore a castle.

As i said in the first link above, the hokages don’t need too much panel time with the sage since i don’t see what he could tell them that he couldn’t tell Sasuke or Naruto. Scratch that even if he does tell them something i don’t see why it would be shown. It would ruin a good surprise. In addition, as i also previously stated, naruto can’t beat kaguya alone. What i would like to add it that, despite him holding her off, he can’t keep it up and he would eventually die at her hands.

Therefore my headcanon is that the hokages come, help naruto fend her off while sasuke and sakura work out their issues (or at least start), obito and sasuke work out their issues and sakura is informed about the uchiha massacre. Something tells me that obito needs time with sasuke and this team has some exploring to do.

Obito- Madara’s right hand man

Sasuke- Intelligent and analytical

Sakura- Intelligent and analytical 

Sakura’s intelligence was mentioned a few chapters ago and i DO believe these 3 are the best team to do some digging if kishi expands on this castle.

Can we talk about the fact that they are in the core dimension? That must mean something. I don’t see why they would be there just to save sasuke and leave. This IS THE dimension to find out more about kaguya. (WELL I COULD BE)

As i said before, Naruto can only hold off kaguya for so long. “What can the hokages do against her then? ” You might ask?

Well in the last few chapters BZ said that kaguya uses a lot of chakra to swap dimensions. This tells me a few things:

1) She would not be able to separate Sasuke and Naruto again

2) She is would not be able to use her technique like before (she is weakening in a sense)

3) This hints at the possibility that the hokages can do something to help naruto.

Now that Kaguya is not going to be dimension hopping Obito,Sasuke and sakura can stay there and find a way out, while finding out about her. Meanwhile Kaguya, now trying to save chakra, would have to face naruto along with the hokages. Now that she is limited, so to speak, Naruto with the hokages and maybe a special plan or jutsu from the sage CAN HOLD HER OFF. If naruto can hold her off, i think him and the hokages can definitely hold her off now that she can’t spam her ability like before.


This is absolutely PERFECT!


AU Steampunk SasukexSakura.

Because they will kick your ass in every version.


(via amitds)

animerockmusic0315 said:

I have these kinda weird headcanons in my head for SasuSaku's & NaruHina's family. Mostly SS, like they'll have at least 5 kids, 3 sons & 2 daughters, all with different, unique & crazy personalities. And Sakura & Sasuke both try to hide the fact they think their own children are crazy. And with NaruHina, 5 children as well, and besides the idea of them naming one of their sons Kurama, another son is named Jiraya and living up to his namesake is sort of a pervert.

Awww. That’s really cute hun! I like the whole “SS tried to hide the fact they think their own children are crazy.” xD I got a chuckle out of that one. And oh I’m sure at least one of NH’s kids will be a pervert like Naruto and Jiriaya. 

Anonymous said:

soooooooooooooo anxious about the chap!!! sasuke and sakura do need to talk alone eventually... but i dont see how it would be possible during this battle. however there must be some more reason for sasuke getting separated than them just going back straight away?

The only way it could be possible is the fact that Sakura and Obito both are exhausted and may not be able to warp again sometime soon. So hopefully there will be a little time for talking. You’re right, there has to be a reason for him to be separated and for Sakura to be the one to help Obito warp. 

Anonymous said:

After Naruto ends I don't know what to do in my life now. :(. But I can find some Romantic Comedy anime/manga that has a couple similar to SasuSaku. Anyways have you seen Golden Time? Also Free Eternal comes out Tomorrow! Do you watch Free?

Yes I love Golden Time! It’s really cute. And omg yes Free~<3 I’m so excited! 

Anonymous said:

Rawrr I think i'm gonna die, i feel very anxious and stressed. I'm not expecting SS in tonights chapter (I have low expectations) but i'm a negative person and i have a bad feeling (Is kishi's fault for being a piece of sh&%). Can you give me some strength? I can't breath.


I got’chu babe. We’re all in this together. Whatever happens, we’re all here for each other. So put a smile on that pretty little face of yours and let’s do this as a family. <3

Anonymous said:

SS and SuiKarin have so much sexual tension. rofl <3

Omg yes! <33

Anonymous said:

do you think Kishi will still give NS some form of shipping tease to please the NS fanbase? >.< i feel like his editors are telling him to make sure to not lose sales and shit so it might happen.

Who knows. Maybe. But it won’t be anything romantic. Kishi could literally draw them standing next to each other and that’ll be enough of a “moment” for the NS fandom to survive off of for months. xD

Anonymous said:

Awwwwwwwww, *hughughug* c:. Thanks a lot. Yeah, I'm 16 and my name's Christia, uhm.. nice to meet ya. ^^

Nice to mee you too, Christia! If you have a Tumblr account, I would love to meet you~ 

Anonymous said:

if sasuke's intentions arent bad why won't he tell team 7?

Maybe because it’s hard for him to open up at this point because of how far he’s fallen. 

Anonymous said:

since kishi has given SN a comical kiss and NS CPR would it really be too far off that he could give SS a kiss? i know it rarely happens in shonens but who knows the CPR was a shocker to me although it wasn't romantic. xD

I definitely wouldn’t mind that one bit. xD

Anonymous said:

Why's the sasusaku tag full of anti ns/sk rants..? Shouldn't it instead be in the pro ss tag instead?

Well I think you’re allowed to tag anti ns/sk rants in the pro SS tag if it’s mostly about SS. But if it’s mostly tearing into ns/sk, it should remain in the anti tags. 

Anonymous said:

They said there would be over belt for the new chap what that?

I’m not quite sure what you mean either, anon. o3o

Anonymous said:

You know what would be cute, if sakura was worried about not having enough chakra and then sasuke pats her on the head and says "its alright sakura, you already did your best." But then sakura says "no! i havent done enought yet!"And then they start bickering and obito stands over alone just like "uh guys?"

OH my gosh!! xD That would actually be quite funny.