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If I could have taken all your pain… onto myself to comfort you, I would have.

  • puppy under the rain face… She will save him.



Can we just skip to the part where Sasuke’s happy?

Can you imagine Hagoromo explaining Sasuke's Hokage vision to Sakura when she wakes up? She will continue loveing him even more. About the chapter, it was released an hour or so ago.

Thanks for the info! ^^ And I don’t think Hagoromo will be around long enough for that, seeing as how he just said his time’s up. :/ Though maybe Kakashi might tell Sakura the truth about the Uchiha massacre hopefully. I wont get my hopes up though. 

nichole-marye replied to your post: nichole-marye replied to your post “Do…

I think so, not sure about those things though it’s 7:20 here

7:20 am? Yeah then you live in the EST. Thank you!

nichole-marye replied to your post “Does anyone know around what time the chapter just came out?”

I think it was around 6am?

Do you live in the Eastern Standard timezone? :o

Anonymous asked:
Hi, anime back today ? if yes will be filler ?

No it shouldn’t be filler and yes, it’s back. ^^

Does anyone know around what time the chapter just came out?

Like 30 minutes ago? A few hours? I just woke up for class so I have no idea lol.


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, Sasuke literally wants to shoulder the world’s hate and thinks he can’t have things like friendship…


or love


Now let me cry. Sasuke really wants Sakura to hate him but she is the one person alive that romantically loves him unconditionally. He know’s both Naruto and Sakura won’t give up and he’s trying to kill Naruto right now but Sakura… man all he can manage is a genjutsu.

We’re so smart. Ever since 693, we’ve been saying how much Sasuke wants people to hate him… And we were right! No one can say Sasuke’s pure evil anymore. His intentions are ‘good’ but he’s going about it the wrong way. 


Okay so I’m not usually active about sasusaku (i literally check the tag compulsively every couple of minutes but i don’t post or reply or reblog) but since a lot of people in the tag are talking about parallels I decided to point out a parallel that I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet.

Do y’all remember Zabuza and Haku? (Chapter 30ish)

I mean I don’t know about y’all but this


Looks REAAAAAL similar to this


ALSO, lets not forget how Zabuza was acting like he didn’t care about Haku as nothing more than a tool and how he acted like Haku’s death was nothing to him.



Also recall how Sasuke’s nonchalance toward “killing” Sakura


SO, lets continue with Zabuza. NARUTO is the one screaming at Zabuza


Just like KAKASHI is trying to reason with Sasuke about why he acts like he doesn’t give 2 fucks about Sakura (or the rest of them basically) [do y’all see what i’m seeing or am i crazy]:


I also noticed how Zabuza talks with his back facing them and his head turned as he explains himself,


..just like a certain Uchiha we all know and love….


And then of course we have Zabuza crying after Naruto tells him about himself and we see just how much he actually cared for Haku after all


And I’m not saying that Sasuke was crying or whatever after Kakashi’s or Sakura’s speech but like



are we really supposed to believe those expressions mean NOTHING??

Anyway, my goal here is to point out the parallels. Obviously we all know afterwards that Zabuka goes on a killing spree and dies next to Haku and blah blah happy ending they love each other after all. I’m not saying Sasusaku is romantic or platonic, and honestly I don’t even know where I’m going with these parallels, but I’m just giving you all another perspective to think about it.

Whether or not sasusaku in canon, I will still ship the fuck out of this ship. Happy sailing fellow shippers :-)

Peace & love,


Anti ASSes


I had such a fun time editing this gif LOL.


ASSes you are banished from pride rock the sasusaku tag!!

Anonymous asked:
I cannot express how much joy I'm glad to be in the SS fandom ;-; NS is just bashing hard on our ships more than usual,and here we are having different languages of Sakura's Confession ,I would totally convice my mom to do a Vietnamese version but I'm too lazy to make a tumblr account and Sasuke and Sakura switching clothes.

Aww haha. Yes, I love the SS fandom so much. Sure, we can get a bit crazy, and we have our bad eggs of course. But when it comes to keeping each other positive and happy, we are the absolute best. We’re one big, huge happy family, along with our sister ship, NaruHina. ^^

Anonymous asked:
Rawrr comfort me please. I am starting to believe that Kishi won't canonize any ship, he'll just reconcile everyone.

I highly doubt that, but even if that were the case, he would heavily imply which pairings would get together. I can’t see him putting so much emphasis on Hinata and Sakura’s love just for Kishi to not have them end up with anything. Just doesn’t make sense to me.


New SS challenge !!
tagging all of you biscuits out here :)


Shit manga


If sasusaku happened
Are you really gonna be happy?
I mean i have read the manga since it started
I know sakura still loves sasuke but sasuke never cares about sakura
He tried to kill her many times
U know if naruto was not there she would have died
If kakashi was not there sakura would…

  1. Take this shit out of the SasuSaku and NaruHina tag.
  2. You seriously can’t pull the “he tried to kill her” card because he’s literally tried to kill everyone. He was and still is in darkness. This is a militant universe. It’s not puppies and rainbows. Get the fuck over it.
  3. If it wasn’t for Sasuke, Sakura wouldn’t be alive right now. You can refer to chapter 47 when Sasuke saves Sakura from Orochimaru, chapter 55-56 when he broke the guy’s arms who put his hands on Sakura, and chapter 133 when Sasuke told Naruto to save Sakura and to get as far away from them as possible because he didn’t want to see someone dear to him die in front of his own eyes again. So if it wasn’t for Sasuke, Sakura wouldn’t have even lived long enough to see this shinobi war. So be grateful.